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Hydroponics equipment


Welcome to Bradford Hydroponics: we are proud to be an industry-renowned provider of a range of hydroponics equipment at the most accessible prices. The quality and selection of our stock means that you will have all it takes to begin one of the most sustainable and advanced forms of growing. Whether you want to boost yields on fruit and vegetables, or desire bigger blooms from flowering plants: our hydroponics selection will help you deliver it!

Having the right light conditions is essential for success in hydroponics – so we have a range of equipment available to ensure the best lighting. Our digital lighting is at the forefront of hydroponics provisions, offering advanced technology with ease of use. Therefore the equipment is ready adjustable and adaptable, so you can achieve light conditions as specific as you may need. Browse our extensive range today and make the choice to support your growing projects.

If you are looking for the highest quality growing lights available at competitive prices, you have come to the right place.

Grow Lights & Digital Ballasts

We ensure that you have access to the necessary digital ballasts equipment to take up hydroponics in the most effective way. Plants flourish in hydroponics systems which involve carefully-controlled lighting conditions – and here we provide you with the units so you can create the optimum environment for good grow. Our range of digital lighting and ballasts mean that you can obtain the necessary light conditions and have the ultimate control. Browse our great range to see.

In addition to this we also offer a leading range of carbon filters, air and water pumps, grow tents, complete systems, nutrients, reflective sheeting any everything else that could be needed for hydroponic growing. We believe that we make it thoroughly possible for all to purchase everything that they need to grow, not only for enthusiasts but beginners looking to take up this miraculous method of growing also. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact out knowledgeable team today.

Not only do we constantly ensure that we are offering the highest quality selection possible but we also aim to provide ranges that are able meet a wide variety of needs and requirements.

If you for any reason cannot find a grow light suitable for you on your website, don’t hesitate to contact our highly knowledgeable and helpful team today who will be delighted to point you in the right direction.

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Regular Price: £45.95

Special Price £39.97

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